2 Day Place, Tralee, County Kerry.
Contact Us:    Telephone: 066-7121275    Email: info@tdic.ie
2 Day Place, Tralee, County Kerry.
Contact Us:
Telephone: 066-7121275
Email: info@tdic.ie

Cosmetic Dentistry



Are you looking for cosmetic dentistry in Tralee or County Kerry? From subtle changes, to complete smile makeovers, we can perform a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures here in our clinic in Tralee to improve your smile and give you more confidence.

Using modern techniques and the best materials available ,we can align crowded teeth,close gaps,reduce protruding teeth ,improve a gummy smile,widen a narrow smile,change the length or shape of teeth,replace missing teeth or any combination of the above. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry both for the patient and the dentist and here at our clinic in Tralee ,we like to plan everything, with the patient, in advance . This often requires the production of a ‘mock up ‘ of what the final result may look like, on a model . This  ‘mock up’ may be altered to suit your requirements in order to achieve a great look with ‘no surprises’ when the final prostheses are fitted .     

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We Offer The Following Cosmetic Dentistry in Tralee Treatments


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