2 Day Place, Tralee, County Kerry.
Contact Us:    Telephone: 066-7121275    Email: info@tdic.ie
2 Day Place, Tralee, County Kerry.
Contact Us:
Telephone: 066-7121275
Email: info@tdic.ie

Looking After Your Teeth


Did you know that the most common reason for losing your teeth is from gum disease? It affects about 75% of adults at some stage in their lives, and can even occur in your teens. The most common signs of gum disease are bleeding or swollen gums, gums that shrink away from the teeth, and lastly bad breath (halitosis). All of this may cause loss of bone around your teeth, and this is what gum disease is!


This may, in some cases, lead to tooth loss and you may require dental implants, dentures or to replace teeth later on in life. However, we would much rather you kept your own teeth, and the good news is that gum disease is easy to treat.


We are very lucky to have a fantastic hygienist, Siobhan as part of our team in Tralee Dental and Implant Clinic. She has excellent training, and when you visit her she will assess the health of your gums, and then she will remove the hard and soft plaque from your teeth and instruct you on how you can keep your teeth really clean and maintain excellent oral health.


We place as much emphasis on maintaining excellent oral hygiene levels as we do on maintaining good diet control. We will discuss with you the reasons why there may be decay in your teeth and show you how you can prevent this from happening in the future.


With regular visits to Siobhan, as well as coming to see Peter and Michelle, we can continually monitor your mouth and give you the advice and treatment that you need to look after your gums and teeth.

For an appointment please call 066 712 1275