2 Day Place, Tralee, County Kerry.
Contact Us:    Telephone: 066-7121275    Email: info@tdic.ie
2 Day Place, Tralee, County Kerry.
Contact Us:
Telephone: 066-7121275
Email: info@tdic.ie

What You Say About Us


I was petrified of the dentist.. This might sound like a cliché when it comes to a visit to the dentist but for me it was a major issue. I suffered extreme fear and anxiety of the dentist, even teh car journey to an appointment had to be helped by taking relaxant pills! I had zero confidence with any dentist I’ve ever tried which had been caused by really bad childhood experiences and traumatic injuries to my teeth from an accident I had 10 years ago. After temporarily fixing up my teeth after the accident I had not at in a dentists chair in 8 years. Last summer 2011 I broke a piece off my front tooth after biting into a biscuit and I knew it was time to look for a dentist. My upper four front teeth were only capped all that time since the accident and they were heavily discoloured and badly out of shape. I HATED them but didn’t have the confidence to get themm fixed, I always longed for veneers! A friend of mine recommended Peter Moran Dental Surgery to me and it took me weeks to build up the courage to ring the receptionist for a consultation appointment. I met Peter in May 2011 and by October 2011 he had me completely transformed, and believe me he had his work cut out for him to do that as I was extremely nervous!
For the first time in my life my issues were listened to and totally understood, everything was taken slowly and thoughtfully and the whole process of transforming my teeth was very professional.I started out with the whole team from the receptionist, to the hygienist, to the dental nurses and to Peter and the hygienist as I finally have control over my dental issues and the post dental care is easy to maintain. The whole team at Peter Moran Dental Surgery are brilliant, caring and talanted people.
Peter is gifted in my eyes. He made me feel at ease and I felt in control when I sat in the dentist’s chair. The biggest hurdle for me to jump was that claustrophobia I experienced when the dentist would put his fingers in my mouth to do his job. Peter’s gift is in his hands, they are truly amazing. As a result of his patience, kind nature and top class work I now have the veneers I longed for and a smile I am proud of. Thank you to all the staff at Peter Morans Dental Surgery for doing such a wonderful job and you have my highest recommendations.

M. S. Tralee

My Wife and I have attended Doctor Peter Moran’s dental practice since we moved to Tralee in 2003.
Peter’s receptionist provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and doesn’t double book or anything, in fact, the receptionist always calls to remind us of our appointments a few days before.
We have entrusted our dental care exclusively to Peter. We know him to be a true professional dedicated to his patients in the setting of a state-of-the-art dental practice. We are both impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the meticulous care he employs in our treatment, especially myself, having a childhood fear of dentists Peter is only the second dentist that I feel completely at ease with.
My previous dentist would leave the room for whatever reason and often do it throughout the visit. I found it very unsettling as a nervous patient. Peter doesn’t leave your side until you’re done!
He will explain your options, the cost of each option and the advantages and the disadvantages of them.
My wife had veneers fitted and the results were very impressive and gave her an added boost of confidence. I have had several root canals / crowns, multiple fillings and partial dentures. Recently I had a total hip replacement. Peter was great and took the time to explain what dental treatment I required before my operation. My wife and I both believe Peter Moran is a true professional with caring personal attention. We look forward to maintaining this relationship for many years to come.

J.H. & G.H., Tralee

Hi all, I would like say a few words about my dentist. Like most of you I used to dread dental visits, that changed when I met Peter Moran, the procedures are so painless that I can’t even tell when he gives the anaesthetic, my kids have absolutely no fear of visiting our dentist. The surgery is a well equipped modern dental surgery, with all the latest equipment and techniques, I recently had a Cerec procedure to replace a large filling, the result was amazing it was like the tooth had never been touched. I’m also very happy with the efficient flexible appointment system, with txt reminders for the forgetful amongst us like me. The staff are highly professional and friendly and always make you feel welcome and relaxed when turn up for an appointment.

P. O’C, Tralee

I’ve had two ceramic crowns inserted recently by Peter. I previously had four regular crowns done elsewhere. With the regular crowns, several vists were required to the Dentist to prepare the teeth, take the moulds, insert the temporary crowns and finally, to insert the permanent crowns. With the ceramic crowns, one visit is all that’s required. Peter prepares the tooth, takes a 3-D picture of the portion of the tooth remaining, uses this to precisely define the exact shape and contours of the crown. The crown is then prepared to these specifications and Peter inserts it. The whole process takes approximately two hours and is pain free. The crowns sit comfortably and feel secure. Peter and Caroline are professional, helpful and relaxed. The whole experience was bordering on pleasant!! The crowning glory is the fact that the ceramic crowns cost half the price of the regular crowns! It’s all good!

T.J. O’C, Ballyduff

Three generations of our family attend Peter Moran’s Dental Surgery at Day Place, Tralee. We have been looked after very well by Peter and his staff for many years. Extra care is taken for nervous patients and we have had a variety of procedures carried out over the years. These include fissure seals, fillings, crowns and routine procedures which we have been very satisfied with.

R.H., Tralee

In 2009 Peter Moran fitted me with 8 Veneers. He explained everything to me before hand and gave me a number of options to choose from. Three years later I have had no problems. I highly recommend Peter Moran and his staff as they are very professional.

A.N., Tralee

After years of trouble with my teeth, I was recommended Peter Moran and in 2011 Peter fitted 2 implants and a bridge. It involved a lot of work over a few visits but it was well worth it and I have been trouble free since. I would highly recommend Peter Moran and his staff.

R.N., Tralee

OK to smile confidently!
On the advice of Dentist Peter Moran I had the following procedures at his surgery:

  • Teeth Bleaching
  • A CEREC Crown, In House!
  • 4 crowns on my front teeth.

All my dental work was completed in a comfortable elaxed environment which is greatly helped by the efficiency of Peter & his excellent staff.

A.K., Tralee

I have been a patient of Peter Moran for the last 16 years. I recently had an implant done to replace my front tooth and also got veneers done and I’m delighted with the natural result. I was a very nervous patient but Peter and his dedicated staff put me at ease. It’s amazing how dentistry has progressed through the years.

M.H., Fenit, Tralee

I have finished my dental treatment at Peter Moran’s dental surgery.
It had been quite a while since I was at the dentist, so when I started my treatment my nerves were at an all time high and I was scared out of my wits. But I need not have worried as Peter explained all my treatments step by step.
I had CEREC, Dentures (chrome) and Bit Appliance done.
I am very appreciative of the treatment I have received.

A.C., Castlegregory

Peter, just wanted to thank you for my Chrome Cobalt Dentures and Crowns, I am absolutely delighted with both.

E.C., Lisselton

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